Saturday, 13 August 2016

August 2, 2016 – Mallorca

We arrived at Mallorca this morning. We were tired and didn’t get enough sleep due to the previous night’s activities. We had room service for breakfast. It was even worse this morning than yesterday, because we didn’t get the hot menu for free. This meant that we didn’t have an omelette and were stuck with yogurt and cereal.

Sunrise off our deck on the ship before we arrived at Mallorca.

Our juice, tea, yogurt, and cereal breakfast. Where's a protein shake when you need one?
Last night's hat is today's sun safe accessory in Mallorca.
Panorama of Mallorca from our deck.
We walked into town after getting a map and stopped and had lunch, a baguette sandwich and cold Coca Cola, in a café halfway to the centre of Palma de Mallorca. We continued walking in the hot Spanish sun past a beautiful cathedral that reminded us of a Balearic Notre Dame cathedral. It had a large rosary window and some amazing flying buttresses.

Instead of taking the bus packed with the shoving occupants of the ship, we walked into Palma de Mallorca.
Our sandwich lunch had a side of olives.

Spanish Coca Cola has fewer calories than its Canadian counterpart.
Picturesque old windmills in Palma de Mallorca.

The beautiful church had ornate and huge flying buttresses.

Near to the beach, we stopped and bough a drink and popsicles and then went to the beach.  We spent the afternoon sitting on the beautiful sandy beach and swimming in the water. The sea was the perfect temperature to cool us off, allowing us to swim in it for the entire afternoon. The water was very nice during our first swim, but after going in to put on sunscreen and wait a while before swimming, the sea seemed to have grown dirtier, as if a boat had emptied its bilge or garbage. Nonetheless, we very much enjoyed the day at the beach, as it was hot out and we needed time to decompress away from the ship.
We enjoyed our day at the beach in Mallorca.
The water was perfect in the hot Spanish  afternoon sun.

We stayed at the beach as long as we could and then rushed to the street nearby to get some cash out, some fizzy water, Oreos, and peaches for the ship (water is only free for us if we dine in the dining room at dinner), and tried to get a cab.

We had to walk further into town to find a taxi stand that was actually active at that time of day. We finally found one and went back to the port to get back on the ship. We had an ice cream in the port, however it was rather disappointing.

We boarded and went to our room. April sat on the deck for a while. Bill had had enough sun. We showered and did some laundry in the sink.

We ordered room service in for dinner, as we were not about to repeat the mistake of the first night of eating in the dining room. We listened to Harry Potter audio books on the computer and ordered our breakfast room service for the next day. This was far preferable for waiting for hours for mediocre dishes in the dining room.

April caught up on her journal, while Bill downloaded photos onto the computer for the blog, which we would not be able to post until we returned to Barcelona or even later, because the only internet available on the ship is slow and extortionarily priced.

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