Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 20-21, 2016- YYJ to YYZ to AMS

We dropped our beloved cat, Lamont, off at my cousin's place, before heading to the airport. He was not thrilled by us leaving, the cat carrier, or the car ride, and popped his head out of the carrier while in the car, leading to an awesome selfie.
We left YYJ (Victoria, BC) late, headed for YYZ (Toronto) on July 20th. We found out that on a 4.5 hour Air Canada flight you no longer get a meal, just a drink. So we bought a chicken wrap, pepperoni pizza, vegetable sticks, and cheese and crackers to share. Definitely not Michelin rated.
Waiting to board our flight to Toronto
On the plane to Toronto on Air Canada...logo behind us.
We talked to the guy beside us for half the flight about the real estate market and when this is all going to come crashing down. He mentioned a good saying "flying and falling feel very similar, you can only tell the difference when you see the ground." How true.

We had dinner in the Toronto airport. We shared a mediocre chicken Caesar salad and lox and cream cheese on a slice of a half of a bagel. Well what can you expect in an airport?

We boarded our Amsterdam bound flight just before 8:30 pm EST. The flight was about 7 hours and 20 minutes. It was of course difficult to get comfortable, but, being tough Canadians, we survived. They gave us a dinner late in the evening, some water and other drinks throughout, and then a "continental breakfast" which consisted of a piece of very sweet banana bread, a tea or coffee, and a juice or water.
On the flight to Amsterdam...logo much closer.
We landed in AMS (Amsterdam) at 10:20 AM local time, July 21st.

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