Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 21, 2016- Our First Day in Amsterdam

We arrived in Amsterdam at 10:20 AM local time (9 hours ahead of PST) July 21st. We went through immigration (no form to fill out anymore) using the EU lineup (April has an Irish passport in addition to our Canadian passports). We then collected our bags which had both made it.

We took a taxi to the Bilderberg Garden Hotel and checked in. We were told our room wouldn't be ready until 3:00 PM.
We were hoping to go straight to the room and sleep after this taxi ride, but we had to wait a while.
Amsterdam has a number of Tesla taxis
It was 11:30 AM, so we checked our bags with the hotel and walked towards Vondelpark, bleary eyed, in search of lunch. We are chicken clubs at a charming brasserie nearby. We also shared some fries and mayonnaise.

We walked around Vondelpark and then through the Museum Quarter and back to the hotel to finally shower, change, and get some sleep in the mid afternoon. Our energy was flagging.

After napping a couple of hours, we worked on the travel blog and April worked on her haiku blog. We debated staying in the room and having a protein bar for dinner, but we felt too hungry and started flipping through the hotel's materials about their restaurant De Kersentuin.

We had dinner there. It lasted about two hours and was almost like being able to eat the art off the walls at an art gallery (and not being arrested or getting indigestion). We thought of our cat, Lamont, who was celebrating his 15th birthday back home (happy birthday, kitty).
At the restaurant.

The complimentary appetizers was fennel various ways.

Risotto (foreground) with deep fried prawns (behind)

Tuna sashimi



We then walked the neighbourhood, so that Bill could get a picture of the Strategy& PwC office just down the street.

We returned back to the hotel and didn't even realize that it was almost midnight when we fell asleep. That's jet lag for you.

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