Monday, 8 June 2015

June 8, 2015- An Overview of our Moroccan and European Summer Vacation and First Cruise Ever

We are eagerly anticipating our trip to Europe and North Africa which includes our first cruise experience. We will be on our grand tour for three weeks. The following is our schedule:

Wednesday June 10, 2015- Fly from Victoria (YYJ) to Paris (CDG) with one stopover in Seattle (SEA)
Thursday June 11, 2015- Arrive in Paris and stay overnight in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres area.
Friday June 12, 2015- TGV from Paris to Marseille, stay overnight in Marseille.
Saturday June 13, 2015- Catch the Costa Magica cruise ship from Marseille. We will be on this cruise for 11 nights.
Sunday June 14, 2015- At sea.
Monday June 15, 2015- Arrive in Tangier, Morocco, spend day, leave.
Tuesday June 16, 2015- Arrive in Casablanca, Morocco, take tour to Marrakech.
Wednesday June 17, 2015- Explore Casablanca for the day then leave.
Thursday June 18, 2015- Explore Cadiz, Spain for the day then leave.
Friday June 19, 2015- Explore Lisbon, Portugal for the day then leave.
Saturday June 20, 2015- At sea.
Sunday June 21, 2015- Explore Valencia, Spain for the day then leave.
Monday June 22, 2015- At sea.
Tuesday June 23, 2015- Arrive in Savona, Italy, take tour to Monaco, leave.
Wednesday June 24, 2015- Arrive in Marseille, take TGV to Paris.
Thursday June 25, 2015- Paris
Friday June 26, 2015- Paris.
Saturday June 27, 2015- Paris.
Sunday June 28, 2015- Paris.
Monday June 29, 2015- Paris
Tuesday June 30, 2015- Paris
Wednesday July 1, 2015- Fly from Paris (CDG) to Victoria (YYJ) via Seattle (SEA), arrive in Victoria in evening PST.

We will keep this blog of our travels, but our posts will be sporadic depending on when we find an internet connection or Wi-Fi. Please join us on our journey,

April and Bill

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